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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EON ?

As part of our continuing commitment to provide a high quality of service, we are pleased to introduce our new Internet-based information system, called EON (Easy Online Network). EON provides you with online access to your Fund account information at no additional charge.

From your desktop you have 24 hour access to your account information via the internet.

What are the System Requirements necessary to use this System?

Supported Browsers - We recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for the best possible viewing experience. If browsing in Internet Explorer,we recommend that you use Internet Explorer version 11 or higher.

Is the Site Secure?

Yes. This site has been designed to use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to securely transmit data between the site and your computer. SSL will help prevent unauthorized users from viewing your financial information. It is important to note that if your browser does not support SSL technology you will not be able to use this system. To tell if SSL is working you can check the bottom of your screen to make sure that the symbol, a lock, is unbroken. This unbroken symbol means that EON is completely secure and you can transmit information with safety and confidence. (If you are using Netscape Navigator, the symbol is a represented by a “key”)

What are some of the security features built into EON ?

  • Clients can access EON only if their browsers can support SSL.
  • 128 bit encryption encrypts the information sent between your PC and Ours.
  • You log on with your personal ID and password, which are encrypted during the transmission process.
  • You can change your password as often as you desire.
  • Your password will never be displayed on EON screens.
  • Our computer will automatically log you off after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Log on Id’s will be deactivated automatically when a user fails to log in for a period of 90 days.

What steps should I take to help ensure the security of my account information?

You share responsibility for maintaining the security of personal account information when using online services. Never share your password with anyone; you should be the only one who knows it. It is recommended that the login id and password be kept as secure as any password on credit and ATM cards. When you finish using the system or if you have to leave your desk temporarily, you should use the log off button to leave EON and close down the browser to disconnect from the internet.

Sounds good, How do I get it?

Call us toll-free at 1-888-693-7274 to activate EON access for yourself or for other authorized persons within your office. A separate form is needed for each user and the form must be signed by an authorized representative. Once we receive the form and have verified your account authorization, we will set-up your user(s). An email will be sent to each user with their user id and temporary password, typically within 24 hours of receiving the form. The first time a users logs in, they will be required to establish a new password.

To save time, we have the EON sign-up form available in PDF format. Please print out the form, complete all the required information and fax the completed form to us at .

How do I log on to access my account?

Enter your login ID and password. Remember, your id and password are case sensitive. You can change your password at any time, once you have logged in, by clicking on the “Tool/Form” tab and select Change Password.

When I click on the Log On button, the screen locks up or I get an error message.

This may indicate that you are connected to the Internet through a firewall or proxy server. Either one, if not set up for SSL, this will prevent you from accessing secure sites like EON. Please contact your technical support staff to verify this. To enable SSL, the protocol they may need to use “https” and the port to use is “443”.

How do I logoff from account access?

Click the logoff button. The logoff button disconnects you from your account information and takes you back to the main page. We recommend that you always use the logoff button when exiting. We also suggest that you close your browser for additional security.